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ALL strategies work... for SOMEBODY! The problem is not all strategies work for YOU! It's up to you to create the strategy that works for you. Gene Keys can help you do just that, that's why I created The Elevate Masterclass Series

A FREE 3-Day Masterclass Series to show you How To Use Gene Keys To Rejuevate, Show Up, & Transform in Your Business!

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Because let's be honest, you know every strategy ever created! You know they all work and you've found one, two, or five that have worked for you. That's how you've been able to grow your business to where it is. However, you know there's something more that you need to take you to the next level that you've seen in your vision. You know the vision you've never told anyone about?

And on top of it all you're in a space of NOT feeling called to any particular mentor/guru right now. You're being called to a different level of power, authority, and influence within yourself for your brand.

The key is to lean into more of YOURSELF! To unlock your own unique Divine Design and honoring every single aspect of who you really are!

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The definition of di·vest - /dəˈvest,dīˈvest/ - rid oneself of something that one no longer wants or requires. You may have noticed that there has been a shift in business "as usual" for awhile now. For those like you who have been called into the space of trailblazer, innovator, life changer, and industry shaker, there's more than cookie cutter strategies and formulas needed to grow your audience. You understand the importance of connecting at a soul level with those you're here to serve.


The systems around you aren't working like they use to. You've invested time and time again in strategy after strategy. But strategy isn't the answer this time. This time it's about understanding YOUR BRILLIANCE CODE™! I invite you to stop circling the wagons and lean into how you're divinely designed to communicate, how you're meant to build your business, and how to market it to attract those clients that you LOVE!


Why Gene Keys?

This is an invitation to experience more of yourself through the process of the Gene Keys®. Allowing you to create your own unique blueprint based on your Spiritual DNA. Letting it guide you on how to market, create content, build community, and bring in income into your business while generating amazing impact for those you serve!

Gene Key #50: Harmony is the Goal!

Gene Key #50: Harmony is the Goal!

Learn how corruption is more than you think it is. Harmony is our natural state of being within the collective. Gene Keys #50 unlocks this discovery for you. ...more

October 21, 20223 min read

Gene Key #32: Don't Fear Failure!

Gene Key #32: Don't Fear Failure!

Understanding Gene Key #32 gives you the path to move away from fear of failure. It may not look like what you think it does. Check out this post and learn the secret! ...more

October 13, 20223 min read

What's Your Revolution?

What's Your Revolution?

Are you ready to start your own revolution? You've been feeling yourself being called toward more...but what exactly does more mean for you and the work that you're doing in the world. Maybe what's ne... ...more

October 12, 20223 min read

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As your Gene Keys Connoisseur™ and Voice & Visibility Coach, I'm an Alchemist, the special sauce if you will of the most sought-after Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders to meet, become, and voice their full Divine Self to the globe; producing impact & income to change their worlds by building Industry Defining Businesses!

I'm certified in multiple modalities such as Advanced Radical Guide DNA Activation & Integration Specialist, and Master Ushi Reiki Practitioner to name a few. I also hold a B.S. in Human Services Counseling and I am the Creator of Your Brilliance Code™.

Helping women to meet, become,  and voice their full Divine Self to the globe. Utilizing Gene Keys® to bring you to their Golden Path is the journey of walking thru your entire Gene Keys hologentic profile.  The more you get to understand your own Divine Design you unlock Your Brilliance Code™

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